Why Fusion ERP

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Fusion ERP

The Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers are Choosing Fusion ERP

1. It’s the most feature rich, yet affordable ERP Software on the market.
Fusion gives you all the features of the large ERP software packages at a price you can afford. Often times, Fusion has many specific/unique features that are missing from larger, more generic software packages. Not to mention, when you purchase Fusion ERP we give you ALL of the modules and sections.

2. It’s powerful, but easy to use.
Fusion ERP has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Screens are clear and uncluttered. It’s QuickBooks like interface makes navigating through the system easy and effortless.

3. Fusion gives you precise control of your entire business process.
Fusion ERP software has a common user interface and consistent program organization. All relevant business information is stored in a central database, not distributed among multiple, independent systems. Centralized control helps ensure data accuracy and integrity.

4. Fusion offers “True” Full Integration.
Fusion software modules are fully-integrated. No duplicate entry is required. No after hours batch processing is necessary.

For example, when a shipment is received, accounts payable personnel can immediately enter the invoice, inventory is automatically increased, and material shortages for in-process manufacturing orders are reassessed. Full integration improves the timeliness and availability of important corporate data that may be crucial to the decision-making process.

5. Fusion gives you a full range of business functions.
Fusion’s functional areas include: Administration, Sales, Engineering, Production, Inventory Control, Quality Assurance, Financial Accounting, and Point of Manufacturing.

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