Frequently Asked Questions

Q//  What types of manufacturers currently use Fusion ERP?
A wide variety of manufacturers currently use Fusion ERP. Here’s some examples:

» Machine Shops                                 » Mold/Tool & Die
» Machine Builders                             » Service Shops
» Fabricators                                        » Spring Shops
» Stampers                                           » Captive Shops

Q//  I currently use QuickBooks to run my business. Why would I want to switch?
QuickBooks is a solid entry-level software product. However, as companies get larger and more complex specialized ERP systems have many advantages over QuickBooks. Here are just a few:

» Better database performance
» More custom reporting options
» Robust inventory and scheduling capabilities
» Lot tracking
» Job / Product Costing

Q//  I’ve heard ERP systems are extremely complicated, how is Fusion ERP different?
We have been developing software in the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. We know the manufacturing process inside and out. This gives us insight into how write the most intuitive software.

Q//  How long is the implementation process for Fusion?
“System Implementation” can mean different things to different people. To Key Software, a system implementation begins with the receipt of a customer order, and ends when all modules purchased are up and running. Obviously, the time required will vary a great deal depending on the hardware configuration, software modules to be implemented, specific industry application, the human resources allocated to the project, and the commitment of the customer’s management and staff.
Prior to installation, Key Software will meet with the appropriate customer personnel to discuss system management, training, services, and documentation. If on-site customer training is desired, a time schedule is drafted and agreed to based on the customer’s priorities and the system prerequisites.
Typical implementations range from three-six months.