Sales Section

Easily turn quotes into orders!
The Sales section of Fusion ERP combines an effective management system with easily accessible operations. Covering the entire sales order cycle, from initial order entry through shipping, the Sales section provides a consistent flow of data. This consistency establishes an integrated management system encompassing sales, purchasing, inventory management, quality assurance, accounting, costing and personnel.

Fusion ERP covers your entire sales process and optimizes time with easily accessible information. Once you enter an order and a manufacturing order is produced, the items are then picked from inventory or manufactured. When the items are ready to ship, create packing slips directly from the manufacturing order. Before a customer is invoiced, the order record is updated to reflect items shipped, backordered or otherwise.

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Sales Modules

  • Order Processing
  • Packing Slips
  • Bookings/Backlog
  • Commissions


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