Quality Assurance Section

Achieve new levels of accuracy and percision!
The Quality Assurance section of Fusion ERP builds a strong foundation for quality management. The ability to track inspections, control processes and other information builds a data depository and is critical to maintaining high quality standards. The data depository blends with other sections to create an integrated management system encompassing production, receiving, manufacturing, inventory, finance, personnel, sales and shipping.

Fusion ERP simplifies the quality process and reduces repeated data entry. One rejection tag can have multiple discrepancies and the system handles the corrective action tracking. While closed loop tracking of first article inspections helps ensure efficient communication. Quarantine received items that need to be inspected and use statistical analysis to predict quality outcomes. 

Quality Section

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Quality Assurance Modules

  • On Dock Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Rejection Tags


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