Production Control Section

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The Production section of Fusion ERP sustains an organization by maintaining and analyzing core operations. These core operations from manufacturing orders, capacity planning and product activity to materials planning requirements define how and when actions occur resulting in control of the shop floor. This control establishes an integrated management system encompassing production, routings, personnel, purchasing, accounting, quality control and sales.

Fusion ERP maintains the production process by providing current work order information at any point in time. Once a manufacturing order is created, capacity planning evaluates the impact against availability while also identifying over and under capacity conditions before they occur. Monitor the scheduling of each work order by working days or employee number. Use Material Requirements Planning to ensure that necessary raw materials are in stock or ordered when scheduled. Respond quickly to customer orders and adjust for just-in-time receipt of parts from vendors. Analyze data pertaining to order status and priority, shop capacity and load, work in process inventory, job cost, and production efficiency.

Production Section

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Production Control Modules

  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Production Activity Control
  • Material Requirements Planning


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