Engineering Section

Save time and improve accuracy!
The Engineering section of Fusion ERP provides an organized structure for defining and maintaining product configurations. Flexible modules work together to manage data for routings, bills of materials, documentation, tooling and estimating providing reliability. This reliability establishes an integrated management system encompassing engineering, production, costing, purchasing, quality control, shipping and personnel.

Fusion ERP controls the engineering process and creates precision in your operations. Manage manufacturing operations with unique routings with individual queue, setup, run and move times. Create accurate bills of material that contain assembly and component information enabling product structure completion. Assign tools specific to a building process. Create phantom bills of materials for estimates and go from estimate to quote to order without re-entering data.


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Quality Assurance Modules

  • Routings
  • Bills of Materials
  • Document Control
  • Tooling
  • Estimating


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