Product Overview

Increase efficiency and productivity by infusing your organization with Fusion ERP.
Fusion ERP is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that will establish a new sense of stability within your organization. From sales to manufacturing and from supply chain to finance and administration, Fusion ERP merges all your business processes into a simple intuitive system.

Feature rich and value driven, Fusion ERP is easy to use. Sections and modules integrate for straightforward navigation and eliminate the need for repeated data entry. Real-time information and customizable reports enable you to make profitable decisions.

By uniting twenty-five years of proven business processes with today’s latest technologies, Fusion ERP helps you gain control. Designed for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors, Fusion ERP works with Microsoft operating systems from windows 2000 to current and Microsoft SQL Server version 2000 to current.Fusion-Box---Small

Fusion ERP Sections

Manufacturing Sections:
Production Control
Quality Assurance

Supply Chain Sections:
Inventory Control

Finance and Accounting:
Finance and Accounting

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