New Approved Vendor Option

This feature allows purchasing control of Vendors by Quality Assurance and allows for setting schedules for Vendor Quality Reviews. This does not prevent the user from adding the Vendor to the Purchase Order; it merely alerts them if the Vendor has not been approved, it also allows Quality Assurance to maintain records of who is approved, when an approval is going to expire and follow up. In most cases the Survey Required is sent out or filled out on-site and must be completed before the Vendor is given Approval

To setup this feature, go to AdministrationSystem EditSystem SettingsPurchasing, and add a check to the box for Vendor Approval Required.

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The next step is to go to Quality AssuranceAdministration EditVendor InformationQuality, here the user can set the Approval Required and Survey Required, check the two available box’s, be sure to select an Approval Date and Next Review Date, if these are left blank the system will not recognize them and subsequently when a Purchase Order is made the Vendor will not be recognized as being Approved.

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Below is an example of the informational message that will appear if Approval Date is omitted from date field.


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