Fusion ERP is developed by Key Methods. Key Methods serves the enterprise information management needs of small to mid-size discrete manufacturers and distributors. Key Methods is a focused enterprise solutions provider offering competitive “fixed-price” consulting and ERP implementation solutions for targeted market segments of companies with 15 to 300 employees. Key Methods solutions have been designed to overcome key structural barriers, such as the cost and complexity of business process re-engineering, which have historically eluded many small and medium-sized corporations.

Key Methods (formerly ESI) is a complete Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider. Key Methods started out as an ERP Consulting Services company to Boeing subcontractors. Working with Boeing subcontractors who are involved with the complexities of building an airplane has taught us the many intricacies about discrete manufacturing and parts distribution. Over time Key Methods developed its own DOS and Windows based ERP products and acquired over 400-customers worldwide.

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